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Investment Property Evaluator

 The Real Estate Investment Property Evaluator™ spreadsheets were designed to help investors "crunch the numbers" so that they can make intelligent decisions on whether to invest in a particular property. This real estate software program will work for both US and Canadian investment properties.

Designed primarily for the real estate investor who just wants a simple and straight-forward 10-year cash flow analysis. The program comprises of 9 integrated real estate spreadsheets that are easy-to-use and lets you quickly analyze cash flows and create professional quality reports.


1. Monthly cash flow analysis

2. Annual 10 year cash flow projection

3. Investment analysis with ratios, and projected property appreciation

4. Mortgage qualifier and maximum recommended purchase price

5. Mortgage calculator with payment tables for both US and Canadian mortgages

6. Mortgage re-financing / equity take-out and the effect on cash flow

7. Closing costs calculator

8. Depreciation calculator

9. Future Value of an Investment calculator  

If real estate is part of your wealth-building strategy, these real estate analysis worksheets can help you: 

 minimize surprises (or risk) by guiding you through typical expense categories and showing you the cash flows

 base your investment decisions on numbers and take your emotions out of the decision-making process

 spend only minutes instead of hours on analyzing a rental property

 focus on finding the right real estate investment properties that meet your criteria

In seconds, it will analyze virtually every financial variable that you should know before you make any real estate investment decision (purchase, sale or improvement). 

Other Benefits:

 Automatic annual adjustment of expenses based on an inflation rate.

 Enter up to two mortgage loans and produce payment tables.

 Cash flow forecast up to 10 years of income and expenses.

 Project rental income.

 Calculate mortgage qualifying requirements & income ratio's.

 Calculate debt service, expenses, maintenance, taxes, insurance & homeowners fees.

 Calculate closing costs, fees, credits & commissions.

 Calculate Profit /Loss after selling costs, expenses and debt elimination 

 Predict capital appreciation & per forma valuation.

 Calculate various real estate ratios such as debt service coverage, debt to equity, operating expense, return on total capital, return on equity, gross income multiplier, net income multiplier, payback period, break even ratio, cap rate.  

Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing, this cash flow property analysis spreadsheet software is an affordable and easy to use tool that helps you choose the right real estate investment properties. It will help you know when you should buy, sell or hold. 

Easy-to-use, functional and affordable. 

System requirements:  Microsoft Excel 97 or higher. 

Please note that the cells are locked to prevent users from modifying the spreadsheets and/or the integration and linking of the various worksheets.



Purchase the Real Estate Investment Property Evaluator for only $19.95 and begin your property analysis immediately.   In addition you will also receive the $295 in free bonuses outlined below.


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In addition to your purchase of the Investment Property Evaluator, you will also receive the following $295 in FREE BONUSES.

Real Estate Legal Forms, Contracts and Agreements.


  • Rental Agreements

  • Lease Agreements

  • Purchase Agreements

  • Contractor Agreements

  • Property Checklists

  • Property Management Agreements

  • And much more.

Over 20 forms in all.              A $25 value.

Making your Fortune in Real Estate

Real estate investing, just like any other professional enterprise, is a series of interrelated skills. Finding bargain properties is one of the most important of these skills--in many ways the most important. The key to finding bargain properties is the ability to identify sellers who are highly motivated to sell-- who must sell--as opposed to those for whom it would be desirable and useful to sell. Thus, by and large, real estate investing (especially creative real estate investing) amounts to finding both the right kind of seller as well as the right kind of property. In fact, street-wise real estate investors tend to look first for the motivated sellers before they go too far in analyzing the properties.

Over 490 pages                     A $85 value   

Real Estate Flips - Making Profits in Real Estate

You’ve heard the stories! People on late-night infomercials telling you that they fixing them up and selling them for profit. Well the truth is that you can make money using those very strategies (and it’s hard work). But, there is a better way to do it. It’s lower risk. And with a smaller amount of effort from the Buy, Fix and Sell Method. Of course, anything you do will take time, effort and energy. What you want to
do is work smart and reduce the potential risks while increasing your upside potential. There are certain fundamental principles involved. But if you do things the right way, it works.

Over 105 pages                    A $60 value 

Nothing Down Real Estate Strategies

When an investor learns how to buy real estate with little or no money down (nothing down real estate) it is simple to see how a small nest egg could grow to a million dollars in ten years or less. Any serious real estate investor knows that a well-selected property can earn well in excess of 100% per year ROI with the proper leverage. That is why investing in real estate has produced more wealth than all other investments combined. Real estate is stable. In my opinion, real estate is the perfect investment.

Over 25 pages                       A $30 value

10 Things that keep you from getting rich in real estate

Real estate investing is an exciting way to make money. It is one of the best ways to make money without tying yourself down to a regular job. There you have it: wealth and freedom, in a single package! Truth is, throughout recorded history, more fortunes and more wealth have been founded on real estate than on any other wealth-builder.

Yes, there is money to be made. That means you can’t afford to keep hitting your head against the wall when the gateway to riches is 10 simple steps away! With our 10 points, you will enable yourself
to avoid mistakes, pitfalls and obstacles that try to pull you down away from success. These 10 things remove roadblocks to success, both the imagined roadblocks and the real roadblocks. Make no mistake, both can trip you up. Imagine the increased sense of confidence and assurance as you see how easy these roadblocks are to overcome!

18 pages                               A $20 value

          Credit Repair Guide

There's only one way that people are freeing themselves from the shackles of bad credit and that is to create a new credit file on themselves within the credit bureau's computer system. This new file won't have any of your previous credit on it. And as you read an you'll see exactly how to make sure that only your new credit file surfaces when someone is running a credit check on you. This sounds complicated but it's very simple as you'll see.

         Over 295 pages                     A $75 value



Purchase the Real Estate Investment Property Evaluator for only $19.95 and begin your rental property analysis immediately.   In addition you will also receive the $295 in free bonuses outlined above.

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